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an orange pumpkin is sitting on top of a table with the words diy halloween kabob windacher
DiY Kürbis Windlichter
several carved pumpkins with faces on them
a glass jar with a yellow and black striped bee on it's side, hanging from a string
DIY Bienenlaterne aus Plastikflasche basteln | Milch & Mehr
a white paper ghost hanging from a string
Halloween Geister-Spiralen [Bastelvorlage & Plotterfreebie] -
a pine cone sitting on top of some nuts with eyes painted on it's face
Kastanienmännchen - Herbstdeko basteln mit Kastanien - Schnecke - Hobby, Handwerk, Basteln
four different images of various objects in the same image, each with an upside down tree branch
Mehr als 100 tolle Weihnachtsbastelideen zum Nachmachen!
a hedge made out of leaves on a pink background
Basteln mit Kindern – Tiere & andere Dinge aus Laub basteln
the paper plate is made to look like a hedgehog's head and scissors
Igel aus Pappteller
this is a collage of pictures with pine cones and other things to make it look like a hedge
Ein Mecki aus der Natur