Gram's Enchanted Cottage ✨·✳︎·✨

No over-pinning, please. ༻ "Alone in the cottage, [she] discovered that characters from her fairy tales became bolder. She found fairies playing in the spiders'…
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a painting hanging on the side of a blue wall with pink flowers in front of it
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table with a purple and orange shade
the front cover of an old book with flowers and leaves on it's cover
pink and white flowers with green stems in the foreground
an old style house with stone and wood shingles on it's roof, surrounded by greenery
a little fairy sitting on top of a bird with a flower in it's beak
an owl sitting on top of a wooden sign in a field full of wildflowers
a baby doll is sleeping on top of a shell
a cat sitting on top of a barrel in front of a house with a thatched roof