45 Pins
a light fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and wood paneling
Handmade Wood Ceiling Chandelier With 2 Hammerhead Sharks: LED Wall Light for Beach Coastal or Nautical Maori Surfing Style Room Decor - Etsy
a lamp that is on the wall next to a flamingos head and an owl figurine
Flamingo Head Wall Lamp | Antique Gold
Flamingo Head Wall Lamp | Antique Gold – Punk & Poodle
an ornate gold and green frame with a woman's face on it
Mermiad Style Wooden Carving Mirror Frame Wooden City Crafts
there is a mirror that has a mermaid on it
Mermaid and Seashell Mirror Options. Compact, Hand, and Wall Mirrors!
DIY Zero Floor Space Floating Fishing Rod Storage
Build this ceoling mounted fishing rod storage locker for under $50!