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a tiny yellow teddy bear sitting on top of a persons finger with a red scarf around it's neck
Winnie the Pooh, creation #83 Aug.27,2010
excuse me, there's a little pooh on your fingers.
there is a hand that has many small stuffed animals on it, all in different colors and sizes
Mini's! #crochet #amigurumi
Mini's! #crochet #amigurumi
five tiny penguins sitting on top of a finger
أعمال صغيرة من التريكو والكروشيه لا تصدّق - مدونه ماجد السعيد
there are three small sheep on top of a green box, one is white and the other is black
Häkelblog - Häkelanleitungen
amigurumi - freie häkel- und strickanleitungen - free pattern
a small green lizard sitting on top of a finger
Micro Green Iguana - Miniature Crochet Mini Lizard stuffed animal - Made To Order
Mikro Grüner Leguan Miniatur Gehäkelte Mini Eidechse von SuAmi
a tiny toy rabbit holding a basket of carrots in its hand with trees in the background
a tiny pink and white bird sitting on top of someone's finger
im going to die of exposure to too much cuteness
small crocheted dogs are being held in the palm of someone's hand
Microgurumi Häschen - Häkelanleitung
Blog amigurumis y crochet.