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Uma mesa ergonomica para notebook
Esse é um braço inteligente para notebooks que oferece suporte ergonômico para quem trabalha em uma mesa de escritório. Top né? 😆 📷Video da loja original: @fishermans.woodshop #tecnologia #inovação #notebook #homeoffice #trabalho #inovacao #novidade #incrivel #curiosidade #curiosidades #fatos #fatoscuriosos #bringtekcuriosity
a fan sitting on top of a wooden shelf
Karwei DIY ideas | #DDW14 #2 - vosgesparis
vosgesparis is an interior design blog with a focus on scandinavian design and ideas on decorating with minimal colour & maximum style.
a close up view of a wooden bench with the top section cut out to show the wood grain
details furniture collection
details furniture collection on Behance
a close up view of a wooden table with gears attached to the top and bottom
Craft 2.0 - Ein moderner Tisch mit alter Technik Renier Winkelaar hat sich einen ganz besonderen Tisch gebaut. Er wollte ein Möbelstück schaffen das nach alten Handwerkstechniken gebaut istu... #Design #holz #möbel #furnituredesigns
two pieces of wood sitting on top of a white surface with one piece cut out
Tips & Tricks: Different Joinery Techniques
Tips & Tricks: Different Joinery Techniques - by MsDebbieP @ ~ woodworking community
the instructions for how to make a cabinet door with sliding doors and drawer pulls in woodworking
Highland Woodworking Tools
Making Wooden Drawer Slides - Drawer Construction and Techniques |
three different views of wood and metal in the same direction, with one being cut into pieces
3DPrinterChat.Com - Insights from The 3D Printing Industry
The PLY90 is a patent pending connector that is a faster, better looking alternative to drilling and screwing projects together. Save time and energy by not having to align every board and precisely drill and screw all the pieces together. You can focus on the design of your creation using a standard construction method. Easily disassemble creations for storage or moving, recycle old projects into new ones. Maybe something for 3D Printer Chat?
a close up of a wooden table with yellow drawers and green paint on the wall
Shaker Möbel Peter Seeland
Dreistigkeit - ein gutes Bild wird einfach mit einem fremden Logo überstempelt - pinterest reagiert nicht auf unsere BeanstandungEN !!! Peter Seeland reicht's
an image of a door handle on a wooden wall
Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms, and the Hardware that makes it possible! - Fine Homebuilding
Wohnen und einrichten
two wooden speakers sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to some other items
@nowyprodukt | speaker front panel via internet (?) | #nowyprodukt by nowyprodukt
a table saw sits on top of a work bench
a wooden swing with two benches attached to it in front of a brick wall and mulch
Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand - Her Tool Belt
an outdoor garden with plants and rocks in the ground next to a white house on grass
Rainwater Harvesting Idea