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Kerzen drehen
two snowmen made out of salt and pepper shakers with candles on the side
Snowman Glasses With Candle
two vases with red ribbons on them next to a pair of white candlesticks
papel: rolo de papel higiênico: adorno, castiçal
several hanging tin canisters with candles on them
Tip of the Day!
These are tuna cans but I would love to do this with Christmas cookie tins.
a small snowman next to a lit candle on a table
Mini Flower Pot Crafts - very cute!!
a collage of photos with candles and snow globes
The WHOot
Wine Glass Holiday Snow Globes
there are many jars with lights in them on the table next to each other and one has a cloth wrapped around it
Today We Fight Back
DIY candle holders!
a person holding a pen next to a small bottle with writing on it and an envelope
Decorating candles
three candles with flowers painted on them and the words happy, mother's day
Mother's Day Fingerprint Candles
Come Together Kids: Mother's Day Fingerprint Candles
several different pictures of candles and bowls on pink background with text overlay that reads, how to make candle holders out of paper plates
Easy DIY Crafts: DIY Candle Stands
a glass jar with leaves painted on it
DIY Fall Leaf Mason Jars | Home and Heart DIY
DIY Fall Leaf Mason Jars
the instructions for how to make a confetti bowl
Do It Yourself Home Decor Ideas | Modern Magazin
Do It Yourself Home Decor Ideas
a glass candle holder filled with red and white christmas balls, floating candles and ornaments
•❈• Floating Candle Centerpiece: With This Centerpiece, You Wil Need A Vase Large Enough To Hold 3 Floating Candles & Various Sizes Of Tiny Christmas Glass Ornament Bulbs In White & Red... 1.) Place Bulbs In Vase (About 1/2 Full, Or A Little Less)... 2.) Fill With Water ( To Within About An Inch From The Top)... 3.) Place 3 Small Floating Candles On Top. -- easily adapt to other holidays/celebrations