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a white couch sitting in front of a window next to a table with candles on it
a room with blue and purple lighting in the background, including a plant on a stand
首发 . 王鹏|TECHNOGYM 泰诺健广州体验中心:理性建构,极致之诗!【环球设计2639期】
建构 THE POETICS OF CONSTRUCTION - 在展厅的设计中,以室内建构的方式,从不同的切面伸出参差的块面,塑造出空间内部的骨架,经由这些块面对空间的切割,重建秩序、构造场域,并以此引领空间的线索和叙事。
many bikes are lined up in a large room
Living Design – Rufus Knight of Knight Associates
Initially drawn to interiors by a sense of multidisciplinary curiosity that extended from architecture to fashion, art, literature and music, Rufus Knight’s work today demonstrates the power of that original intuitive impulse that sought to explore and create connections throughout the spectrum of creative modalities. #amazingarchitecture #architecture #modernarchitecture #australiandesign
an empty room with a bench in the middle and a light on above it that is lit up
Esoteriko - IDEA 2023
Esoteriko - IDEA 2020
two different types of pool cues on a white background
Timber Bar Door Handle | 600mm | Black with Saddle Tan Leather Wrap |
a living room filled with furniture next to a large window covered in wooden planks
Kister Architects designs Bridge House | Habitus Living
Kister Architects designs Bridge House | Habitus Living
a window seat in front of a large window
there are three empty benches in the room with no people on them, and one bench is made out of plywood
a white couch sitting next to a window in a living room
In Focus | Emmanuelle Simon - Pampa Journal
In Focus | Emmanuelle Simon
the inside of an inflatable swimming pool with no cover on it's sides
Humanizing the office: Johnson Partners