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a painting of a man with his face painted white and wearing a large straw hat
a drawing of a man getting his hair cut by another man who is wearing a blue shirt
thomas w schaller (@twschaller) / Twitter
watercolor painting of people walking in the rain at an old building with arches and pillars
Watercolor Artist Thomas Schaller
watercolor painting of columns and statues in an old building with people sitting on the ground
Thomas W. Schaller. "Архитектура Света".
an oil painting of people walking down the street
thomas w schaller on X
a watercolor painting of a woman holding a baby in her arms with another woman's head
a drawing of a woman dancing with her hands in the air and another person standing behind her
thomas w schaller (@twschaller) / Twitter
an abstract painting of clothes hanging out to dry
Urban Dissolve
a painting of a living room filled with furniture
thomas w schaller (@twschaller) / Twitter
a painting of a man holding a baseball bat on top of a waterfall in front of a building
Interview: Former Architect Captures the Emotion of Architecture in Watercolor Paintings
watercolor painting of an old roman temple on the edge of a river with boats and buildings in the background
thomas w schaller (@twschaller) / Twitter
watercolor painting of fountain in front of old buildings
Voices of Experience - An Interview with Thomas Schaller