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a house with flowers and a sun on the side is embroidered onto a white t - shirt
A New Embroidery Pattern! The Flower Cottage (Ellison Lane Quilts)
A New Embroidery Pattern! The Flower Cottage Available on Craftsy
someone is drawing on the fabric with a crochet marker and markers in their hands
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Embroidery and stitch fix
Very Easy 3 Flower Hand Embroidery Tutorial,Flower Embroidery Stitches Fishbone Blanket Fly
someone is using a needle to stitch something on a piece of fabric in the hoop
Flower embroidery tutorial | Simple embroidery, Embroidery and stitching, Hand embroidery projects
Flower embroidery tutorial in 2022 | Embroidery and stitching, Diy embroidery patterns, Hand embroidery projects