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someone is holding up their business card for the camera to take it off and on
Miditacia: I will provide professional business card design services for $60 on
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Lampe de poche zoom LED
This C'est la lampe de poche extérieure la plus brillante et la plus cool que j'ai jamais utilisée ☀️ Je l'appelle l'Aube Noire. ✅Plusieurs modes d'éclairage ✅ Étanche ✅ Chargez votre téléphone 🛒
Build This Amazing Bottle Case!
a yellow and black megaphone is shown on a white background with clippings
Megaphone News announcement. 3D render (Hi-Res)
an electronic mixing board with many different knobs
Data Sonification with JFugue and SpringMVC
How to turn your data into sound
the sound board is lit up and ready to be used for recording or other purposes
Photo by Leo Wieling on Unsplash
selective grayscale photography of mixing console photo – Free Grey Image on Unsplash
the bbc radio 1 logo is shown in red and black with white letters on it
BBC Radio 1 Club Visuals
BBC Radio 1 Club Visuals on Behance
oreo film maker