Forced labor

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two men in yellow onesuits standing on stage with their arms spread out to the side
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Bruce Lee on the set of "Game of Death"
a woman in a pink dress is doing yoga
Moving Images; The Photography Of Lois Greenfield
an image of a demon with horns on it's head and claws in his hands
Demon and Red by Kipine on DeviantArt
China, Central Asia, Asia, East, North East, Islam, North, Culture
Uyghur children in school. Xinjiang, China
several women in red and yellow costumes are doing something with their hands up to the sky
Asian, Central, Womanhood, Woc, Produce, Women
Uyghur women showing farm produce in Xinjiang
Portrait, Girl, Beautiful Girl Face, Female, Suzani, Turkmen, Beautiful
Couture, Traditional, Chinese Style, Chinese Culture, Indian Language
Photos illustrate culture and education development in Xinjiang
a drawing of two men looking at their reflection in a mirror with candles on the table
Untitled, 1943 - Kukryniksy -
a man standing in front of a sewing machine with his face obscured by the machine
How global demand for hair products is linked to forced labor in China