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french food poster with pictures of different foods and drinks on the front, including hamburgers,
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the french food and drink chart shows different types of desserts, drinks, and beverages
Vocabulaire / Nourriture
the instructions for how to sit at a restaurant
Membership | A Cup of French
an image of a poster with food on it
Nourriture - Le petit déjeuner
the french food poster is shown with different types of foods and words in english or spanish
a poster with different types of coins and words on it, including one that says demader le prix / laquantite
Demander le prix et la quantité
the french language worksheet with pictures and words to help students understand what food they are
Aliments et catégories
a poster with fruits and vegetables on it, which includes the words devine les alments
Nourriture - Devine l'aliment
a poster with different foods and drinks on it's side, including apples, cucum
Nourriture - Devine l'aliment
the canadian food guide is shown with an image of a plate of food on it
Guide alimentaire canadien 2019 : quoi de neuf - Marie-Ève Caplette Nutritionniste