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an apple made out of green paper with spirals
Juicy green apple 🍏
a blue and black butterfly on a white surface
the butterfly brooch is being held by someone's hand and it looks like they are
Monarch Butterfly Pin Brooch Polymer Clay Jewelry Ochre | Etsy
a bird brooch sitting on top of a person's hand next to polka dots
LiskaFlower - Etsy
a green and black butterfly sitting on top of a white surface
Quilled butterfly by pinterzsu on DeviantArt
a group of different colored dog shaped brooches sitting on top of a table
LiskaFlower - Etsy
two handmade bird rings in different colors and designs, one is black, the other is blue
an orange and brown butterfly on a white surface with circles in the center, attached to a hook
a paper snowflake ornament being held by someone
two colorful paper leaves sitting on top of each other
a clock with a sailboat in the middle of it on a wooden table top
a book cover with flowers on it and the title how to make simple quilling paper flowers lily of the valley
How To Make Simple Quilling Paper Flowers: Lily of the Valley - The Papery Craftery
a paper flower with green leaves and white swirls on the center is made from folded papers
Craft ideas 8295
Paper Quilling Ideas Ideas, Craft Ideas on Paper Quilling Ideas