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an old woven basket with designs on it
Wasco Twined Bag Showing Frog and Sturgeon Motifs, 19th century. Made from Indian hemp, dogbane.
an old woven basket on a gray surface with a red ribbon hanging from the handle
Native American Antiques for sale | eBay
an old photograph of a native american woman
Umatilla Jim Semeo - Warm Springs Art Print by Lisa Berton
an old black and white photo of two native american women sitting in front of a wall
Cayuse/Chinook woman known as Ida Howlish or Te-Mow-E-Ne poses with child and many beaded objects
a woven bag with an image of a man on it
A Wasco polychrome sally bag
two bags with different designs on them
(#111) Two Wasco Beaded Pictorial Pouches
an old native american dress with blue beads and feathers on the chest, sitting on a black surface
Metropolitan Museum of Art reclassifies status of Native American art for new exhibition
an old black and white photo of a woman with braids in her hair, looking off to the side
OLD OREGON - The Art of Historic Photos