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an image of a metal object on a white background
Pelton Wheel Bucket Design (Solidworks)
a diagram showing how to use a water heater
wood stove hot water diagram-web - Solar Burrito
wood stove hot water diagram
a wood burning stove inside of a wooden cabin with red border around the fire place
How To Build A Woodstove Water Heating Attachment
a red fire hydrant sitting on top of a wooden block
Water Ram Page
Rife Water Ram
a close up of an electric device on a pole
Homemade Wind Turbine (Tips & HowTo)
an image of a car engine with wires attached to the front end and on top of it
Free power from a recycled washing machine, generating enough to live off the grid
A step by step guide showing how to convert a smartdrive washing machine into a pelton wheel dc generator making 780 watts, the power is fed into a small battery bank & inverter - generating enough power to live off the grid. All you need is a head of water. I am using water from my stream to spin the turbine.
a large blue pipe sitting on top of a wooden pallet next to a river
Bomba Monjolo com novo sistema de alimentação
Bomba Monjolo com novo sistema de alimentação - YouTube