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various crafting supplies laid out on the floor with scissors and other items around them
YOU Be the Conductor! ~ Review Activity - Camille's Primary Ideas
a bulletin board with different colored papers and polka dots on it that say give and the foolish man
Primary Music Memory - Camille's Primary Ideas
a pink and green sign that says singing time plinko with candles in it
Singing Time after the program
a young boy wearing a hat with the word light on it
Don't 'Sing' a Word
Singing a Song is Fun To Do: Don't 'Sing' a Word
SINGING TIME IDEA: We'll Bring the World His Truth - Variation Primary, Mini Lessons, Visiting Teaching, Visiting Teaching Handouts
We'll Bring the World His Truth Verses - Camille's Primary Ideas
SINGING TIME IDEA: We'll Bring the World His Truth - Variation
a piece of paper with an uno logo on it
UNO singing time
FREE: Fun game to play while learning a new song. FREE cards to use for WILD ways to sing. #lds #ldsprimary #primary #primarychorister #music #teachingmusic #musicgames
a basket filled with lots of different types of eyeglasses and other things in it
Some Primary Chorister Ideas
Here in the Waiting Place: Some Primary Chorister Ideas
several pieces of paper with numbers and times on them are pinned to a bulletin board
Singing Time Song Review (and lesson review) for the Last Five Months
two boxes are stacked on top of each other and labeled with the words verse 1
Singing Dice
Primary Singing Ideas: Singing Dice
an image of a sign that says singin'in front of a basketball hoop
a paper with words written on it and some question marks in the bottom left corner
Mystery poster
an ice cream themed birthday party with cupcakes and candy cones on the table
We All Sing for Ice Cream
SINGING TIME IDEA: Primarily Singing: We All Sing for Ice Cream
the numbers are arranged in rows on top of a wooden table, with one number missing
Primary Music Notes
SINGING TIME IDEA: A lot of singing time ideas