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a snowflake cut out of paper on a white background
True Blue Me & You DIYs for Creatives
diychristmascrafts: DIY Snowflake Popup Card Tutorial and Template from Popupology
a stack of books sitting on top of a blue table next to a white wall
60 DIY Christmas Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love
Charming Bookmarks
an electronic device holder is shown in two different colors and sizes, with the words diy fabric charging station on it
27 Quick Sewing Projects To Make In Less Than 5 Minutes
Sewing Projects to Sell | Easy DIY Charging Station
three different views of the same object with scissors and other items on it, including a snowboard
Christmas Crafts - 30 Pics
Adorable way to decorate gifts without going overboard or over budget! these would be super cute with Close To My Heart embellies!
a brown card with white trees tied to it
Weihnachtskarten - Etsy.de
Weihnachtskarte Tannenwald
an open box filled with cupcakes on top of a wooden table next to other items
D.I.Y. - A birthday party in a box - Lucky Pony
birthday in a box
an image of different items that are in the same box and one is filled with them
A personalized basket in case you can't find the perfect gift — just make it!
17 Housewarming Gifts People Actually Want - BuzzFeed Mobile - NOTE: 95% of these are not handmade. Most are bought and some are "put together". But they are good ideas for inspiration and if you happened to have one of these items around the house you weren't using, just remember that "Regifting" is Recyling.
the steps to make paper flowers with scissors
Now, Let's Wrap Your Christmas Gifts-Great Ideas Here
Great tutorial for making a bow out of a magazine, newspaper or wrapping paper for Christmas Gift
two black and white brooches sitting on top of an envelope
Grußkarten aus Hama-Perlen - amicella
how to make an origami flower out of paper
The domain name pinspire.com is for sale!
DIY flower gift bows; this totally works! Just made one for my mom's birthday present :)
how to make christmas tree napkins out of green paper - step by step instructions
Cool xmas tree napkin
the instructions for how to make an origami shopping bag
101 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women
Make your own gift bag
there are two pictures that show how to make gift boxes out of fabric and paper
Pop up presents in a card
an origami christmas tree in a gift box
great idea to brighten up waiting for some celebration)you may leave in every box some gift and write on box date when your friend or boyfriend should open it and present it to him)
the steps to make a diy coffee mug
DIY: Chalkboard Mug
chalkboard paint! Fun idea to up-cycle some ugly mugs we have!