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a paper with some writing on it that is in the shape of a question sheet
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Homographs Assessment/Quiz/Test. Students must find the multiple meaning word that makes sense in both sentences. Great test prep!
the worksheet for homographs is shown in black and white, with stars on it
Homographs worksheets
English teaching worksheets: Homographs. The link takes you to a website full of worksheets! They are all listed by age! Homographs are something I feel is better taught with worksheets and practice. But then there is all the printing and paper.
an advertisement for a contest with a cartoon character
Homographs can be confusing, so try this interactive 26 slide presentation that comes with:Introduction to homographsDefinitionExamples20 homo...
a green bulletin board with lots of colorful circles on it and the words multi - meaning fun
bulletin board ideas multiple meaning m words and homographs
three pink sticky notes with writing on them
201-210 Recogonizies multiple meanings of homographs & analyzes sentences for correct usage of homographs
a refrigerator with magnets on the front and side of it that says multiple meaningss
MrsRuss.com--Multiple Meaning Words
Great activity where students choose a homograph and write a sentence on one M figure using one definition of the word, then write the other definition on the other figure.
an image of different types of boats in the water
Happy English New York – Humorous Homographs for Building Vocabulary
the worksheet for an english language lesson with pictures and text, including instructions
Homograph Worksheet - Complete the Story With Homographs
About this Worksheet A worksheet that prompts students to use provided homographs in the word bank to complete the story. Homographs in the word bank are: "bat", "rose", "sign", "row", "tear", "light", "match", "bow", "content" and "pitcher".
a group of papers that have been placed on top of each other
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Homographs to illustrate
two men sitting in front of microphones playing guitars
Zoola Palooza DVD intro (RETITLED The Bass Plays the Bass and other Homographs).
homograph song - intro to zoola palooza by author
the book cover for zoola paloza, with an image of a fish and other animals
More for the daily reader
Zoola Palooza : A Book of Homographs « LibraryUserGroup.com – The Library of Library User Group
the homographal light worksheet is shown with an image of bats and other things
Homographs | Worksheet | Education.com
Worksheets: Homographs
the words in this worksheet are very fun
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cute idea for homographs
a sign that says homographs to illstrate with the words homographs are words that are spelled in different languages
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Illustrating vocabulary really internalized understanding. Here are 30 pairs of homographs ready for the children to illustrate.
a pink poster with the words homographs don't you just love them?
homographs : spelling : English
a woman holding a pencil in front of her face with question marks on it and the words what is a homograph?
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All About Homographs and Multi-meaning Words - Nyla's Crafty Teaching | CurrClick $
This homograph unit will help students understand words with multiple-meanings.    Two colorful games are included:  Homograph Concentration  Homog... Social Studies, Parts Of Speech
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This homograph unit will help students understand words with multiple-meanings. Two colorful games are included: Homograph Concentration Homog...
a table with some words on it and numbers in the bottom right hand corner, which are
Kylene Beers Printables-Homographs
the words in different languages are displayed on a pink cloud with mouses and mice
Homograph and Multiple Meaning Word Printables and Game from NylasCraftyTeaching on TeachersNotebook.com (19 pages)
Homographs and Multi-meaning Words Printables $4.50
the dove dove funny homograph riddles by martin terban, illustrated by tom hutman
The Dove Dove: Funny Homograph Riddles
a pool table with balls on it and the words would you like to shoot some pool with me?
Homograph - POOL
Homograph - POOL
an illustrated children's book with the title anaka bedeta, bookworm
Homograph Lesson Reading Amelia Badelia
some posters are hanging on the wall in front of a window with words and phrases
Homophones & Homographs Anchor Charts
a poster with words and pictures on it that say,'double meaning '
Double Meaning: Practicing Homographs | Worksheet | Education.com
Worksheets: Double Meaning: Practicing Homographs