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two purple napkins sitting on top of each other in front of a wooden frame
Tutoriel : les cadres d'habillage
J'apprends avec Maman: Tutoriel : les cadres d'habillage
there are many different shapes and sizes of wooden toys on the floor with black tiles
These tactile boards look like a simple DIY with wooden frames and materials with various textures.
two doughnuts are next to a digital timer
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there are several trays with different foods in them on the counter next to each other
des supers cachettes sensorielles
a little boy standing in front of a colorful wall
Mur à sensations - Prendre des morceaux de différents matériaux et les accrocher au mur. Ça peut être très joli aussi en choisissant de belles couleurs.
there are many small bottles in the middle of this circle, each containing different types of candy
DIY: les bouteilles sensorielles pour bébé - Maman Nougatine
La jolie collection de bouteilles sensorielles dont raffole mon bbhellip
an image of someone's feet on the floor with their shoes and socks in front of them
Idée créations
a long wooden board with rocks and colored stones on it in the middle of grass
'Only About Children's" sensory path.
several pictures of different colors and patterns on the floor
Sensory Sunday - Touchy Feely Frames
Sensory Sunday - Touchy Feely Frames using old plastic picture frames. Add some different textures (bubble wrap, faux fur, textured place mats, fabric, ribbon) and let your little one explore! Perfect for babies and toddlers for some sensory play.
a collage of different colors and patterns
العاب سمك
Great cheap DIY sensory texture boards by My Delicious Ambiguity. Items she suggests include: pieces of felt -velcro circles -aluminum foil -cotton fabric -sandpaper -cotton balls -bubble wrap -soft yarn -fake flowers -wax paper -ribbon -squishy stars -circle mirrors -fake leaves -feathers -plastic letters -the rubbery stuff you put on the bottom of your cupboards so your dishes don't slip (not sure the correct name) -pipe cleaners -hot glue swirls Putting on my list- Gail Zahtz
the table is covered with different types of crafting materials
a table topped with lots of different types of food and candy bars on top of each other
Textured Blocks for Sensory Seekers!
Idées créatives pour les enfants pour développer les expériences sensoriels à travers différents modules de jeu.