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a comic strip about how to prolongize an individual's ability in writing
How to apologize properly | Elise Gravel
an advertise order form for the correct order to someone else's place
Infographic: How to Correctly List Adjectives in English - The Digital Reader
a comic strip with different types of costumes and words on the page, which include an image of a man wearing a top hat
clickbait costume drama
an image of different types of movies and their roles in the movie, with caption
(more) alliterative film synopses
an old black and white text description page with numbers in the bottom right hand corner
The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English
a poster with the words be more descriptive in different colors and font, which are also on
the cartoon depicts two people speaking to each other in front of a podium with words on it
the different types of cooking utensils are shown in this poster, which shows how to use them
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts
Point of View: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Perspectives