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a diagram showing the different types of blood vessels
Source: lovelybeans.comمحل اثر داروهای ضد سیستم هموستاز.Anticoagulation therapy targets.#hemostasis #coagulationcascade #antiplatelet #anticoagulants
two different types of heat sheets are shown in this table, which shows the differences between heat
Comparison Between Heparin and Warfarin - NCLEX Quiz
Comparison Between Heparin and Warfarin
the acronym for asthma is shown above an image of a person sitting on a chair
Nursing Mnemonics and Tips
Asthma: use the bronchodilator (albuterol/ Proventil) 1st to open the passageways so the steroid (ie beclomethasone/Vanceril) can get into the bronchioles; wait one minute btw puffs of the inhalers for best effect; gargle/rinse mouth after use. SE of albuterol include tremors, HA, hyperactivity, tachycardia;. SE of beclomethasone/ Vanceril: fungal infections, dry mouth, throat infections
a sign that says medicationss steroidds info to remember
INFO CARD: Steroids - Med Made Ez (MME)
Nursing Info Card: Steroids. Quick reference card of points that every medical professional needs to know about steroids.
the words nursing mnemonics are written in different languages
Medical Basics - Medical Education Made Simple
STEROIDS #mnemonic #nursingschool #nurse #nurses #rn #nursingstudent #nursesrock #nursingresources #resources #memorize
an info sheet with the names of different types of medical devices and their meaningss
Miriam's RxNotes on Instagram: “MNEMONIC MONDAY: Beta Blockers are a treatment option for many conditions, particularly cardiovascular diseases. It is important to counsel…”
a table that has different types of information
NAPLEX/FPGEE 30-Minute Review Posters (30 posters).
Naplex Review Poster 4. Pharmacist Education and Study. #pharmacist #education #study
the table shows different types of medicationss and their corresponding ingredients for each type of medicine
Considerations for Individualizing Antihypertensive Therapy Cheatsheet - NCLEX Quiz
Considerations for Individualizing Antihypertensive Therapy Hypertension Pharmacomanagement Table