It always amazes me how many species of birds God created. Who could have thought of the many glorious colors he gave each one.
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Blue-and-Yellow Macaw Blue-and-Yellow Macaw Often called the world's largest wetland, the Pantanal region of southwestern Brazil (and extending into Bolivia and Paraguay) is one of the best places in South America to view wildlife. Eighty percent of the massive Pantanal floodplains are submerged during the rainy seasons, which helps foster breathtaking biodiversity. Yet the relative openness of the country makes it much easier to see animals than the dense rain forest of the Amazon basin. 1 of 5


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A stately Jacobian Pigeon


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Scarlet Minivet ( Pericrocotus flammeus ) by gary1844, via Flickr

Scarlet minivet

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Secretary Bird, Essa ave tem cílios de dar inveja em muitas Mulheres kkkkkk
The Secretarybird or Secretary bird is a very large, mostly terrestrial bird of prey. Endemic to Africa, it is usually found in the open grasslands and savannah of the sub-Saharan region. - via Amazing Wildlife
Secretary Bird | by San Diego Zoo Global

Secretary Bird

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The spoon-billed sandpiper is a small wader that breeds in northeastern Russia. There are fewer than 1,000 mature individuals left in the wild.


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Gabriele Corno (@Gabriele_Corno) | Twitter


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Swan embraces the vet who saved his life 💖
Swans after flood


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Proposed Bear River Development Would Be Detrimental to People and Birds | Audubon

Ducks and Geese

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Texas Birder Snaps Stunning Bat Falcon Eating Dragonfly in First US Sighting in History—And Photos Go Viral
. Javan Hawk Eagle (Spizaetus Bartelsi)
Blyth's Hawk-Eagle (Source: eqiunox)

Eagles, Hawks & Falcons

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"More than 5,000 male emperor penguins huddle against the wind and late winter cold on the sea ice of Antarctica’s Atka Bay


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Silver Laced Poland Chicken
عبده عبده - Google+

Chickens and Roosters

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All Photos - OneDrive
Pantanal Wildlife - Pantanal Animals - Brazil Wildlife


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Innocent Ambassador of World's Peace !!!

Doves and Pigeons

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Tricolored heron standing on red bellied turtle.or no one's going anywhere fast..
Bare-throated Tiger-Heron - photos, Mexicaanse Tijgerroerdomp
Tricolored heron, Louisiana heron, garceta tricolor

Storks, Cranes & Herons

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Yellow Indian Ringneck Parakeet #parrot #birds #nikonphotography #travel #papugahouse #travelphotography #fotografia #photography #nature #hqspbird... - Birds GALLERY - Google+
So precious! Love my 4 of and love to hear them communicate with each other and my other bird family...reminds me of the sounds of Spring.
20150706130336 by kelli


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Ostrich and Emu

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gray crow - חיפוש ב-Google
Crow fledgling !!
The difference between Haikyuu and Raven Cycle aesthetics

Crows and Ravens

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Fotografia de Flamingos por Alex Shar;


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Rain forest Toucanet by Yehudi Hernandez
Yellow-throated Toucan


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Wild Turkey, male and female
Ocellated Turkey
Occilated Turkey...Weird


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Google+ - these birds live all year at the #channelislands - the perfect place to #optoutside #visitsantabarbara and #visitcalifornia - experience #adventuretravel with #shorelinesummitadventures
Un escadron de pélicans


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King Vulture


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Picus miniaceus : el pájaro carpintero en bandas (Chrysophlegma miniaceum) [1] es una especie de ave en el Picidae familia.  Se encuentra en Brunei , Indonesia , Malasia , Myanmar , Singapur , y Tailandia
Gray crowned woodpecker. Paradise of Birds. FB


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