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an intricately painted flower design on a white surface
two blue and yellow earrings with pearls on the bottom one is surrounded by smaller beads
an orange and red design is on the ground next to a person's feet
several circular designs on a white surface with red and green circles in the center, surrounded by beads
Kundan rangoli
an image of some type of art work on the wall with beads and chains attached to it
Sankh Chakra Namam
a red and gold flower brooch sitting on top of a black cloth covered table
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an intricately designed piece of art on the wall
a purple and white necklace with flowers on the front, pearls in the back and gold accents
two pairs of earrings with red and green stones on them sitting on a white surface
an intricately decorated wall hanging on the side of a white wall with blue, yellow and green colors
two red and green plates sitting on top of each other
an intricately designed piece of art sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors
an intricately designed wall hanging made with beads and stones in the shape of a flower
Acrylic Rangoli
an intricate design made with beads and stones on a sheet of white paper in the shape of a snowflake
an intricately decorated necklace with two birds on it
two stickers that have been made to look like peacocks and flowers on them
Kundan rangoli
three pieces of jewelry sitting on top of a white towel next to some beads and pearls
Small rangoli for puja room door's side decoration.
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an intricately designed brooch with blue, green and red beads on white surface
two pieces of art work with beads and stones on white surface next to each other
an elaborately designed necklace with red, green and gold beads on it's sides
an elaborate necklace with yellow flowers and green beads
an elaborate necklace with pearls and stones on the front, along with other jewelry pieces
a red and gold design on the ground