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two men are loading an ambulance into the back of a van in front of a store
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Bernoulli's principle is a fundamental concept in fluid dynamics that states that as the speed of a fluid (such as air or water) increases, its pressure decreases, and vice versa.
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a black and white photo with a caption that reads, a cat named mike guard the gates of the british museum for 20 years until death
32 Facts to Put the World in a New Perspective
32 Facts to Put the World in a New Perspective
a large rock sitting in the middle of a body of water next to a fence
an article about the dangers of drinking tea and other things that are related to it
the vietnam memorial was designed by a 21 year old architecture student for a class project
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a man sitting in front of a clay pot holding a knife and looking at the camera
This is how you do it, not 3 hours to make a pot - Video