Childhood memories

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the stages of growing up poor bread
Only white bread ~
an old car door with the words this door weighed more than the entire car you're driving now
50 Painfully Funny Pics Of People Who Are Getting Old Faster Than They Expected (New Pics)
Self Titled
an open cardboard box with the words this on it
an abstract photo with many different colors and shapes
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an orange juice in a blender next to a blue and white bottle with the words meme street on it
a piece of meat sitting on top of a plate with the caption when i was young, thought this was the epitome of death & sophisication
I Think It Was The Fancy Dinner Party In The Ad. I Always Begged Mum To Buy It But She Never Did. I Had Some Recently And Was A Touch Disappointed. The Chocolate Isn't The Nicest
an advertisement for lip smackers with the caption flippin'out over new lipshades
Bonne Bell LipShades (Jane Magazine, September 1999)
a barbie doll riding on the back of a pony
Western fun Barbie and her Horse Sun Runner
Western fun Barbie and her Horse Sun Runner
the barbie doll is in its packaging
a box with an image of two cartoon characters on it
27 pics filled with nostalgia to take you back to the past.
a barbie doll with blonde hair and makeup
Barbie hollywood hair 1993
the back pack is full of school supplies including pens, pencils, markers and scissors
22 Extremely Specific Things Only Gen-Zers Will Remember
a barbie doll with blonde hair and pink dress in a box next to a tube of deodorant
Tuve DOS de estas ahahkahsd el tubito tenía escarcha para las piernas. Sus zarcillos de triángulos, brutales y su vestido como si lo hubieras hecho por Paint
there are many different dolls on the black tablecloths and one is wearing a white dress