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the poster shows different types of people and their names in circles, with words above them
French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development - Visual identity
the front and back cover of an interactive hidden places brochure
Landing Page Inspiration — November 2017
three different colored signs on the side of a building with headphones attached to them
Fibrile | Branding & Marketing - Beauvoir Creative Agency
an image of a website design with blue and red squares on the front, back and side
DocuWare | LESS+MORE | A San Diego Design and Branding Agency
three vertical brochures designed to look like business people
a book with blue and green squares on the cover, which has an image of people in
four brochures are shown with different colors and shapes in the same design scheme
three posters with people smiling and talking on the same page in front of each other
30+ Examples of Brand Identity Design Done Right
Benevolent Society