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the shelves have plants growing in them
many plants are growing in pots on the table
a wooden table sitting on top of a black tile floor next to a lush green garden
a woman standing in front of a shelf filled with plants and air purificates
the raspberry pi powered io garden is shown in three different pictures, with text overlay that reads raspberry pi powered io garden
Raspberry Pi Powered IOT Garden
many plants are growing in the greenhouse
Creating a cottage garden - Lobster and Swan
a table topped with a white bowl filled with food next to another bowl full of food
CeeJay on Instagram: "DIY video on how to make my hybrid plant poles😊 This pole has a moss front which allows you to place your own soil mix inside the pole. By adding moss and soil mix, your aerial roots will now turn into feeder roots to help absorb water and nutrients👍🏼 Hope you all enjoy this video and most importantly have fun making them! Materials: -Gutter down spout -aviation snips -4” zip ties -power drill -scissors -moss -pvc coated wire mesh Notes: Depending on your soil mix you ma
three decorative objects sitting on top of a leaf
several plastic buckets filled with plants on top of a tarp covered table in front of trees