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two paintings with animals painted on them in different colors and sizes, one is white and the other is blue
DIY: Watercolor Silhouette
I took the girls to the zoo this weekend and I had some fun FINALLY experimenting with my zoom lens. It was cool to take some photos of something other than the kids for once. So, I came home with …
a woman in a long dress made out of strips of paper and leaves on a shelf next to a tree
Best 10 Прикрашаємо школу та садочок до Свята осені: 28 фото-ідей | Ідеї декору
Прикрашаємо школу та садочок до Свята осені: 28 фото-ідей | Ідеї декору
a paper plate with a face made out of wheat stalks and other decorations on it
four different pictures of mushrooms with hearts in their hands and leaves on the ground around them
a clock made out of wine corks with leaves on the sides and numbers carved into it
several colorful trees painted on white paper
I like this simplistic art style. Easy enough for us non-painters and kids to get cool looking results. And so colorful!
a group of kites that are flying in the sky with words written on them
Spoonflower contest - Kites
Kites - coloured newprint and sewn strings
an owl made out of leaves sitting on top of a white surface with yellow eyes
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three hedges made out of wood sitting on top of a wooden table next to leaves
two felt scarecrows hanging from hooks on a wall
Model orang
a bunch of scarecrows are sitting on sticks
artesanato com chita
Resultado de imagem para artesanato com chita