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a piece of paper with writing on it that says, god is just preparing you be patient
an image of a person laying on the ground with many books in front of them
two people hugging each other with the words i have made you and i will carry you
a black and white drawing of jesus hugging another person with the words be still above it
Psalms 46:10 🫶🏽
a man with long hair and beard standing next to a woman's head in front of a blue background
How beautiful your faith is my Daughter.
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an open book with the words, i have made you smile
an image with the words, her sin's which are many, are forgingen luke 7 47
Books - Artesian Ministries
a quote from grace be with you, j s park about jesus does he takes the most ragged, rowdy, unlikely wanderr and puts us on the frontlines to flex his glory
kate edman
a woman's heart should be so close to god that a man should have to chase him to find her
a white wall with a black and white quote on it that says, if the work is sealed in prayer, the beauty will be there
Elisabeth Elliot
the first person in scripture to name god is hagar, a woman single mother egyptian slave