Fun Fabric

Fun fabric to use for sewing projects.
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a painting of santa claus feeding a dog candy cane
Santa and the Puppy Panel
a painting of a cardinal perched on a branch with red berries in the foreground
Winter Visitor Cardinal Panel
a book shelf filled with lots of books on top of each other in front of a blue background
Curio Book Club
a collection of postage stamps with different designs on them, including flowers and bugs in the middle
Curio Botanical Postage Stamp
an image of colorful flowers on a black background
Painterly Petals Meadow Bursting Bouquet in Summer
a large amount of purple and yellow flowers on a white background with a ruler in the foreground
Painterly Petals Meadow Picked Petals in Garden
a bunch of slices of fruit on a white background
Fresh Fruit Passion Fruit
pomegranates and hearts on a white background with red accents are shown
Fresh Fruit Pomegranates
watermelon slices on a white background with green and pink designs in the middle
Fresh Fruit Watermelon
red cherries are flying in the air on a white background with black stems and leaves
Fresh Fruit Sweet Cherries
green kiwi slices are arranged in rows
Fresh Fruit Kiwis
a white background with yellow flowers and green leaves
Fresh Fruit Pineapple Crush
a white background with red strawberries on it
Fresh Fruit Wild Strawberries
an apple pattern is shown in red, green and orange colors on a white background
Fresh Fruit Apples
an abstract pattern with pears and green leaves on a white background that is very colorful
Fresh Fruit Pears