Christmas Party

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reindeer pretzels are arranged in rows on a table
Reindeer Pretzels
some fruit is arranged in the shape of santa's hats on a white plate
Grinch Party
Grinch made from grape, banana slice, strawberry and a mini marshmallow-how cute is that?!
chocolate cake with white frosting and strawberries on top
Santa Christmas Party Theme
Santa hat brownies! Top each fudge brownie with a dollop of whipped cream, a strawberry, and another small dollop on top to create the Santa hat.
chocolate cookies with white frosting and candy canes on a plate, ready to be eaten
White Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Chocolate Cookies - Cooking Classy
White Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Chocolate Cookies
cookies decorated with white icing and holly decorations on a plaid table cloth, ready to be eaten
White Chocolate–Dipped Ginger Cookies
White Chocolate–Dipped Ginger Cookies | 19 Amazingly Cute Ideas For Christmas Treats That You Can Actually Make
some chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles on them
Dip & Drizzle Christmas Treat Ideas
Strawberries dipped in candy melts and sprinkles ~ an easy way to make fresh fruit fit in on your Christmas treats table!
chocolate brownies decorated with holiday trees and candy canes
Holiday Tree Brownies
A pan of brownies gets extra holiday cheer when cut into triangles and decorated as Christmas trees. Candy canes make for festive tree stumps, while kids can have fun decorating the brownies with frosting garland and candy ornaments. The brownies are the perfect size for a lunchbox treat or after-school sweet!
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an advertisement for brownie ornaments on a table with christmas cookies and candies
Easy Brownie Ornaments
Easy-to-decorate brownie ornaments make a fun holiday project for kids of all ages! Expert tip: To evenly cut candy canes, cut with scissors while still in the wrapper, then unwrap and use. #christmas #ornaments #recipes
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christmas tree oreos on a stick with white frosting
Christmas Tree desserts
Looking to get all Christmas fancy for your Christmas dinner? Then you are going to love these Christmas Tree Desserts!
a blue bag with candy canes and snowflakes
a handbag with a gnome design on it sitting on a white table next to a wall