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the doctor who is talking to his companion in front of him and she has an interesting message
Can't Fight The Plot
Lol wow... This is why we love Doctor Who
an image of two men in suits and one has a caption that says, entering the whinenverse you're doing it right
23 Reasons To Love Peter Capaldi
I loved this. I think he will be a great doctor.
there is a truck with a tardish on the back
Oh my gosh!
The Times Photoshoot
the doctor and his companions are talking to each other about their life in this series
the doctor who is talking to his friends about tardish and how they are doing it
Doctor Who Infographic
the many faces of actors in movies
always the same man :) #DoctorWho
two rubber stamps with the image of doctor who is next to them
doc who stamp set
Why don't I have those!?!
two men talking to each other in front of a desk with the caption you've had this place recorded, haven't you? him don't like it
I don't like it
The same man.