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an old painting of a man holding his hand up to his chest and wearing a blue coat
Hooks and eyes
Crucifixion by Francesco de Modena 1490-1495
a painting of a woman kneeling down next to a man
BOUTS, Dieric the Elder The Gathering of the Manna 1464-67
an image of a painting with people in it
Note how the lady on the right holds her dress Manuscript Illumination 1480–85
Medieval Clothing, Medieval Costume, Medieval Fashion, Moyen Age, Medieval Art, Sacred Art
Hope Greenberg: 15th cent. Dresses: A portfolio of Images
Cotehardrie Medieval Costume Diy, 14th Century Fashion, Medieval Outfit, Sca Garb, Viking Dress
an image of three women and one baby in a medieval style painting with gold trimmings
14th C Women
an old painting of a man in red and white
an image of a painting with people in it
Hats Caps Hoods – Maniacal Medievalist
an image of three people talking to each other in medieval style painting on wood panel