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a white sheet with black writing on it and the words in russian are written below
Спрей для постельного белья
Messages, Aromat, Kitchen Witchery, Aroma, Yl Oils, Aromas, Scents
Beauty Secrets, Perfume, Beauty Spa, Checklist, How To Plan
Herbs, Salute, Health Rules, House Healing, Aroma Blend, Herbal Magic
Inspiration, Health, Home Décor, Tips, Harmony, Self, Medical, Energy
Beauty Health
Motivation, Oils
Yoni, Diy Inspiration, Clean House, Odor, Cosmetics, Nerve
Учебный центр «Обитель». Запись со стены.
Peace, Text
Wicca, Joga, Life Motivation, Body, Health And Nutrition
Смесь Дотерра
Herbology, Spiritual Development
Смесь Дотерра
a white poster with black and green symbols on it's back cover, in russian
Natural Cosmetics, Therapy, Salud
Ideas, Wellbeing, Healthline, Wax
Учебный центр «Обитель»