Our latest collaboration is with Atout restaurant's Chef Patrick Heuberger. Everything is proudly crafted with eco-conscious materials, putting a sustainable…
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a long table with plates on it in a room that has large windows and glass walls
Granite Dining Table
Atout by Chef Patrick is indeed a masterclass in hard work and heart! ipse ipsa ipsum helped bring the space to life with custom quality furniture crafted with conscious sustainability. One such highlight is a table fashioned from aluminum cans with a granite tabletop to create a one-of-a-kind design piece. Share a meal, made more meaningful here at Atout!
there are wine glasses on the glass table
Swiss Private Dining Room Table Set
Presenting the Swiss private dining room, inspired by the chef's Swiss French roots. Utilizing approximately 1,000 kilograms of reclaimed doors and windows from houses, the table exudes warmth and cleanliness. Each piece meticulously de-nailed and sanded down, creating a distinctive aesthetic. The chairs, adorned with cowhide, a timeless and premium upholstery material, add a touch of tradition and comfort, echoing practices spanning centuries.
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs set up for lunch or dinner in front of large windows
Coke Can Dining Tables
To bring these tables to life, the inspiration derived from the wabi-sabi style, aiming to capture the essence of cast iron. Stepping into the restaurant, the design unfolds, resembling the appearance of cast iron. The innovative approach involved transforming the lightweight quality of a coke can into a design that mirrors the look of cast iron, offering the same visual appeal without the substantial weight.
a row of chairs sitting next to each other on top of a wooden floor
Reclaimed Wood Dining Table
This extraordinary dining table is a masterpiece crafted from approximately 1,000 kilograms of reclaimed doors and windows from old houses. Each individual piece has undergone meticulous de-nailing and sanding processes, resulting in a seamlessly clean yet warmly inviting appearance.
an empty bar with bottles and glasses on it
Moulin Rouge Inspired Bar Counter
The captivating bar counter is crafted from exquisite red jasper, spanning a remarkable length of 7.7 meters in an elegant L shape. Meticulously assembled by hand, each piece seamlessly comes together to breathe life into this masterpiece. A labor of love that spanned six months, the inspiration behind it was to infuse the enchanting essence of Parisian Moulin Rouge into the tomb's bar counter, creating a truly magical and timeless ambiance.
orange chairs are lined up at the bar
Stainless Steel and Leather Barstools
The barstools showcase meticulous craftsmanship, featuring stainless steel frames created using the sophisticated swad bending technique. Every frame has been expertly bent by hand, and the seats are adorned with upholstered leather, adding a touch of refinement to these exceptional pieces.
a round table with black chairs around it and bottles on the wall in the background
Marble Off-Cuts Dining Table
The concept was to evoke the grandeur of Palazzo style, utilizing discarded marble offcuts. Various hues of sandstone, gray marble, white marble, and black marble are meticulously assembled to give rise to this splendid dining table. In essence, it is a creation born from the reuse of marble waste, embodying sustainability in every elegant detail.
a large marble table with chairs around it
French Style Dining Table
Introducing a stunning 3.85-meter dining table, 1.45 centimeters wide. Meticulously crafted for a private French-style dining experience, each stone is hand-cut and arranged. Beyond its beauty, it repels water, coffee, and wine, ensuring no stains. A perfect blend of artistry and functionality.
there are many wine glasses on the table
Cowhide Leather Dining Chairs