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four different views of an open book with red and white cards attached to the cover
so ein hübsches geschenk
a model boat with money on it and a palm tree in the backgroud
Geldgeschenk für die Hochzeitsreise. Mehr
an assortment of valentine's day cards and envelopes
Janas Bastelwelt - Unabhängige Stampin' Up! Demonstratorin: Ehe-Notfallkoffer
a jar filled with lots of blue paper and some words on the inside of it
Create a compliment jar.
31 DIY Valentine's Gifts That Will Make Them Love You Even More Why didn't i see this before Valentine's Day?
a beach scene made out of sand with chairs and palm trees on the table top
15 Mal Geld sparen im Haushalt: So vermeidest du Kostenfallen
Online zu mehr geld kommen, Klicken und Ansehen:
there are many small orange and green flowers on the table top, each with a bow at the center
bitavin's Bastel-Blog: Küsschen-Glücksklee
many different types of luggage are laid out on top of each other, including an open binder
Polubienia: 152, komentarze: 3 – e m e L i n e [琳] (@emelineseet) na Instagramie: „➕Table Mess➕”
pink sticky notes attached to a wall near a vase with flowers in front of a window
Valentinstag: 5 persönliche Geschenkideen, die fast nichts kosten
6 geniale DIY-Valentinstag-Geschenke für deinen Liebsten
a jar filled with lots of different types of candies on top of a table
Tolle Geschenkidee für einen Mann (Liebsten) auch gern zum Valentinstag oder eben auch zum Muttertag oder für´ne liebe Freundin