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#the duality of tolkien
an image of two cartoon characters talking to each other
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a tweet with an image of a baby in the middle and text that reads body parts are often metaphhoras guts
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Corny meme
a tweet that reads, dad jokes what happens when you cross an angry sheep, and an angry cow? you get two animals in a bad mood
a smiley face holding a rose with the caption, i pull girls't pull guys
an animal with two different faces and the caption says, shittycrypids protantee manatee that swears at random times voidachos follow
a cartoon sheep with a can of milk on it's back and the caption says, numbers comms full @ pigpenandpaper baja blast sheep, have you any wool?
some drawings showing how to draw an animal's head and body in different ways
Love this joke
an image of a book with the words, don't watch the anime if you haven't read the mango
Veggie Tales Meme