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a large set of thin line icons on a dark background, all in different shapes and sizes
Download 100 Free Line-Style Icons
different types of signs and symbols are shown in this image, including an umbrella, stop sign
Repeating check mark unifies the set. Designed by Chris MacLean, Andi Yanto and Joao Peres | Interbrand
a large number of words and numbers on a white background
Unigrid contains 1791 outline vector icons divided into following categories: Baby, Basic, Biology, Buildings, Clothing & Accessories, Design, Devices, Finance, Food, Fruits & vegetables,
a large poster with many different types of signs on it's sides and the words,
Eldorado - 1262 Free Icons
an image of the different types of electrical wires and plugs in this diagram, you can
Othericons - 207 Free Outline Icons
the different types of scissors are shown in this diagram
the different types of cars are shown in black and white
This is a simple yet diverse set of 100 free vector icons from Icons Mind, an impressive collection of 2000+ icons for...
a large set of different types of symbols
Free iOS 7 icons in vector by VisualPharm (source: http://icons8.com/free-ios-7-icons-in-vector/)
an image of some cars that are drawn in blue ink
Animal icons
Vectorial Animals by Bodea Daniel, via Behance // Petits animaux divers : chien, hérisson, lapin, chat, chèvre, hibou, mouton, coq, oiseau, sanglier, cochon, cheval, souris, vache, requin, âne, baleine, poisson, dauphin, tortue, renne, serpent, pigeon, mouette, grenouille, singe, girafe, aigle, canard, panda, ours, rhinocéros, hippopotame, chameau, éléphant, koala, lion, mammouth
a large number of numbers are shown in the table top view, and there is no image to describe
preview.png by Budi Tanrim
the app is showing an image of food and drinks
Unigrid: 100 Free Vector Icons
Today we have for you a free and diverse set of 100 outline vector icons to help you unleash your creativity...
the city icon set includes buildings, bicycles and other things to see in this image
City icon set
City icon set by Eugene Maksymchuk, via Behance
a large set of different types of cars and trucks in grey on beige background, with the
100 Fantastic Tourism & Travel Icons [Freebie] — Smashing Magazine
an image of the ultimate set of symbols
Ultimate Free Icon Set: 1000 Free Icons
Ultimate Free Icon Set (1000 Icons). This is a great set to use as a starting point to create your own!