Avatar: The Last Airbender

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four different avatars with the caption i present to you baby gaang
an image of some people and cats with caption that reads, same energy - especially soka's face
some anime characters are standing together in front of the text time traveler moves a chair the timeline
Time traveler: *moves a chair* The timeline: - iFunny
a man is screaming while playing the video game fire nation kids and married siblings are watching
cred @uncle.iroh.quotes IG
Pokémon, Avatar Zuko Art, Avatar Characters, Korra, Animé, Avatar Zuko
still salty, but at least catradora is canon
Avatar: The Last Airbender be like...
momo 😌😌 by @dinadanonina
Avatar tiktok
an anime character with his arms outstretched in front of fire and text that reads, i feel like this screencap sums up zuko as a character
I mean it does tho
an image of people playing on a playground with one person touching the hand of another
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a man is dancing in the bathroom with his arms up and hands out to him
Mai’s non-bending style
a tweet with an image of a young boy on it
When you accidentally type "ONG" instead of "OMG" this joke might be the only good thing that came from this movie - iFunny