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the sunflowers have been cut open and ready to be used as seeding
Hopi Black Dye Sunflower (Tceqa' Qu' Si)
a bowl filled with lots of pine cones on top of a cloth covered tablecloth
Five Dye Plants to Forage in Bristol Hedgerows (and Beyond) — Ria Burns Knitwear
how to dye with curly dock seeds and then use it in your crafting projects
several different shades of red and orange yarn
Fermented Buckthorn Bark and being excited.
several wooden bowls filled with different colored spices
Erbe tintorie: come si ottengono i coloranti naturali?
Hai mai pensato di utilizzare le erbe tintorie per colorare il tuo mondo in modo naturale? Le tinture naturali offrono un modo sostenibile e creativo per dare nuova vita ai tuoi tessuti o praticare in modo sicuro la body art. Ma come si ottengono queste tinture? In questo articolo, esploreremo i segreti su come ottenere le tinte naturali dalle erbe.
many different types of yarns and thread on a white surface with the words types of mordants in natural dyeing
The importance of using a mordant in natural dyeing - La creative mama
an open suitcase filled with yarn and crochet hooks on top of it is the title text reads, how to make mordants with natural dyes
How to use mordants in natural dyeing - free guide
DIY natural dyeing. How to use mordants for natural dyes. Combining dyes and mordants allow you to create great color results every time. Learn about alum, copper, tin and iron mordants as well as soy milk and vingar. Natural Fabric dyeing techniques that work great for beginner dyers.
indigo dyeing guide for natural indigo vats Couture, Natural Clothing Dye, Natural Blue Dye, Eco Painting, Indigo Dye Diy, Indigo Painting, How To Make Ink, Natural Fibers Clothing
Beginners Guide to Indigo Dyeing | All About Natural Fructose and Ferrous Indigo Vats
Learn everything you need to know about starting to dye with natural indigo in this simple beginners guide. We cover different types of natural indigo vats, common terms when referring to indigo dyeing, different fiber types that work well for natural dyes, how to mix a vat, and the steps to dyeing with indigo vats.
yarn and dandelions on a wooden table with text overlay saying dyeing yarn with dandelions
How to Dye Yarn with Dandelions
a pot filled with lots of red dye next to a wooden spoon
NATURAL DYEING | REBECCA DESNOS on Instagram: "Natural dyeing isn’t just for the summer 🍂 There are many plants you can find in the winter too! I love to… 🧅 forage in the kitchen for vegetable and fruit peelings. 🤎 gather alder cones in the local woods. 🌼 dip into my stash of dried dye flowers, including dyer’s chamomile, which you can see in the reel. Other favourite plants include… 🌿 eucalyptus leaves (from florists), 🌳 tree bark, 🍂 & tea leaves My book BOTANICAL COLOUR AT YOUR FINGERTIPS will help you get started with natural dyeing. Begin foraging for your local colour + kitchen food waste and make your own unique colour palette. 👉 Leave a comment with the word FINGERTIPS and I’ll send you the link to take a look at my book: Botanical Colour at your Fingertips 😘 Any ot
an image of how to ecoprint on silk and make fabulous one - of - a - kind gifts
How to Ecoprint on Silk and Make Fabulous One-Of-A-Kind Gifts
a person holding an apple in a large metal pot filled with water and cloths
liz spencer on Instagram: "Pomegranate rind dye - from golden yellow to the perfect muted green ~ I’ll be wearing these green sleeves all season long. 🌲 Our neighbors had a surplus of pomegranate fruit from their tree & generously shared their autumn harvest bounty. Pomegranate is one of my favorite seasonal fruits to consume AND then wholly use the leftover rinds for the dye pot- the astringent tannin & flavonoid rich rind that would go to compost can be transformed into some of the most durab