Zombie monster

Get ready to haunt the night with these unique zombie monster costume ideas. Transform into a terrifying creature and stand out from the crowd this Halloween with these spine-chilling suggestions.
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Here are images from concepts Keos Masons did for Motive’s Dead Space Remake. We are responsible for designing these alongside Motive’s team who briefed us and directed us. Art Director : Marco Plouffe Lead : Kevin Ochoa Artist : Daria Rashev © 2023 Electronic Arts Inc. Electronic Arts, Motive, and Dead Space are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.

Steven Landa
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The Demolisher is an uncommon Infected in Dying Light and Dying Light 2 Stay Human. It is also notably the first boss to fight in the game. The Demolisher is the largest infected type encountered by the player. Its strengths lies in its ability to break down walls and lift and toss vehicles across far distances. When a Demolisher spots the player, it will charge them. However, the Demolisher is quite slow and can be easily avoided prior to its charge. Physically, the Demolisher is much…

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