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Qualities of a Good Writer's Notebook: Before we get started on why you need a writer's notebook, let's investigate the "How?" You first need to purchase a high quality notebook. Well, you don't really need to. You can buy a simple composition notebook from the grocery store if that's what you prefer. However I suggest

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ONE STOP Deep POV Checklist. This is a good list to refer to when you are editing and revising your ms. Writing Prompts, Writing A Book, Inspiration, Writers Help, Book Writing Tips, Writing Help, Writing Advice, Authorship, Guided Writing

As writers, we try to draw readers fully into each scene. Not only do we want them to picture what’s happening, we want them to feel as if they are sharing the POV (point of view) character’s experience. Shared experiences are all about emotion, and Deep POV is one of the best ways to encourage […]

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