Wrap around calf tattoos for women

Discover stunning wrap around calf tattoo designs that are perfect for women. Enhance your style with these unique and beautiful tattoo ideas that will make a bold statement.
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If you are a vivid reader of Bored Panda, you might already know that many animal tattoos have a deep symbolic meaning for a person. Usually, that meaning is expressed in a simple or complex way. There are a lot of animal tattoo ideas that try to utilize the two different styles in the best possible way. If you want a collection of wildlife tattoos on your body that are unique, be sure to read up on the difference between simplistic and realistic styles.

Sarah F.
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Disclaimer: as fun as it might sound, these tattoo designs won’t be the ones depicting young cows, but rather the ones meant for your calves - as in the portion of your lower leg. However, it would be truly charming if someone were to get a calf tattoo on their calf. Or, a leg tattoo of your own calf on your calf. Now that’s meta!

Kim Huffman