World day of prayer

Join us in celebrating World Day of Prayer with powerful prayers that bring hope, healing, and unity to our global community. Discover how you can make a difference through the power of prayer.
6 Types of Miracles God Does Every Day | Miracles of God in the Bible - Beliefnet Prayer For Daughter, Prophets Of The Bible, Prayers For My Daughter, Christian Friendship, Jesus Second Coming, Calming The Storm, Christian Images, Special Prayers, Prayer For Today

All the books in the world couldn’t record the miracles that Jesus Christ did. Healing the blind. Walking on water. Calming the storm. Feeding thousands with a few loaves and fish. Every miracle Jesus performed was for a purpose. He performed thousands of miracles, to shows us that God is real, God loves us and God wants to heal and restore us to abundant life. Jesus didn’t only heal a few sick people, the Bible says many times that all who came to Him were healed. Huge multitudes of people…

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