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Discover the best wood heaters to keep your home warm and comfortable. Upgrade your heating system with a high-quality wood heater and enjoy the warmth and ambiance it brings to your living space.
The Horama by Cheminees Philippe is looking very much at home here in this new renovation. The heater stands can be made any size to meet your requirements.Perfect wood storage too. Installation by Fireworx Plumbing Wood Stove Fireplace, Wood Fireplace, Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts, Wood Burning Fireplace, Wood Heater, Fireplace Design, Freestanding Fireplace, Home Fireplace, Fireplace

Cheminees Philippe are world leaders in beautiful French fireplaces. With many designs and styles to choose from they complete the open fireplace in your home. Slow combustion efficiency. Wignells are the Australian distributors.

Wignells Heating & Cooking - Australian distributors of Cheminees Philippe Fireplaces
How to build heat shields for wood stoves - Tiny Wood Stove Wood, Design, Haus, Bau, Image House, Chalets, Chalet, Interieur, Cottage

Heat Shields for Clearance Reduction In addition to using proper materials, adequate clearances are one of the most important safety features of any wood stove installation. A properly installed and maintained wood stove can be one of the safest appliances in your home. But cheating on clearances can create a very dangerous situation. Wood stove … How to build heat shields for wood stoves Read More »