Wolfgang weingart

Explore the innovative and groundbreaking works of Wolfgang Weingart, a true master of graphic design. Discover his unique techniques and be inspired to push the boundaries of your own creativity.
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Wolfgang Weingart

Did Wolfgang Weingart revolutionise typography?Wolfgang Weingart, a Swiss typographer, who was appointed an instructor of typography at the Basel School of Design in 1963 (Heller, 2005). His work stood out to me as it did not conform to traditional typography and the established rules, which at the time was clean and well read. I personally found Weingart's work ugly and unattractive, but also captivating. I'm going to be diving deeper into what his work achieved and try to understand his…

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Museum of Design Zurich Unveils the Wolfgang Weingart Archive

In July 2011, I attended an alumni reunion of the Basel School of Design’s international postgraduate program, the Advanced Class for Graphic Design, that was founded in 1968 by Emil Ruder and Armin Hofmann. One of the events organized in conjunction with the so-called Basel Summit was a tour of the

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