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Elevate your wine brand with creative label packaging that leaves a lasting impression. Discover top ideas to showcase your wine and make it stand out on the shelf.
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We've designed a label that captures the essence of Dão and the vision of winemaker Elisa Lobo. A Journey of discovery and respect for terroir.​​​​​​ We present the figure of Elisa Lobo, a winemaker who shares her passion for terroir and respect for the land. She invites everyone to embark on a journey of discovery, just…

Grace Young
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Design: Ricardo PletesLocation: BrazilProject Type: ProducedClient: Jorge MarianiProduct Launch Location: BrazilPackaging Contents: Organic sparkling winePackaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottlePrinting Process: Screen printingRosé sparkling wine has a different feature compared to traditional sparkling wines. It´s more cheerful, relaxed, easy-going, a little sweet. In other words, this type of sparkling wine, due to such particularities, requires…

Ester de
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While I understand Gen Z’s motivation around cutting out alcohol, I also understand that, particularly during COVID, many Americans turned to their bar cart to quiet their minds and liven up their stay-at-home routine (and probably only added to Gen Z wanting to kick booze to the curb). In fact, according to the Columbia Mailman […]

Hattie Clark
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For this Chardonnay Collection, where three poems from the work Folhas Caidas were chosen to represent each of the wines - we chose to explore different typographic arrangements, which combined with a colourful palette, create the perfect balance between the classical background and modernity. All details have been thoroughly explored, using high-quality finishes, thus highlighting the main features of each product. Each poem is discreetly placed on the neck of each bottle.

Matteo D'ortona
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Memo Studio’s packaging design for Summertown Wine Co’s Woods Hill range is a visual ode to the picturesque landscape of the Adelaide Hills. Drawing inspiration from the rolling hills, eucalyptus trees, and vibrant Australian wildlife, the label highlights the essence of Summertown’s idyllic summer nights and golden sunsets. Jordy van den Nieuwendijk’s boldly stylized illustrations […]

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"Caprichado" is that which has been made with care, caprice or diligence, time has been devoted to it..." A wine made with meticulousness, zeal and dedication, which seeks to express through its image an original, delicate and extravagant proposal, without losing elegance in the details. Inspired by Art Nouveau and the organic shapes of the…

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Taifa is named from the small principalities and kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula created during the Moorish period. In the background, we see a subtle and elegant relief, which honors the exceptional quality and unique terroir that produced it. The golden colors and details take us to the Alentejo region, reflecting the landscape palette and…

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The name Exilado comes from the poem “Os Exilados” by Almeida Garrett, representing both the exile of the wine in the mines during its stage, and that of the Almeida Garrett family in France in 1910, after the fall of the monarchy in Portugal.This concept was transposed to the label design, where can be observed a separation/distance of the two frontal elements that compose it, as well as the chromatic choice that reinforces the concept of its identity. Some verses of this poem can be…