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I’ve already admitted countless times here— I’m no wine expert by any means, but I know a cool label when I see one, and that influences my picks nine times out of ten. Pavement’s work for Coterra Wines makes those kinds of moments easy with their striking black and white label, full of trippy, naturalistic […]

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Dragomir’s wine label, designed by The Labelmaker, is founded upon a notion of simplicity and minimalism. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Because the winery itself is so well known for its architecture, The Labelmaker thoughtfully designed a premium label that reflects the architectural values. Using gold foil solely […]

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Agency: Chad Michael StudioProject Type: Produced, Commercial WorkPackaging Content: WineLocation: USAAncienne is a wine from Nova Scotia and is a product of Lightfoot & Wolfville vineyards, a family winery. Ancienne is a wine born from rich history and biodynamic principles. The grapes are raised and harvested on old Acadian lands and lovingly crafted using old…

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A Label Design Between Tradition and Innovation Manchov Chiflik is a small family winery located in the village of Vinogradi – in the heart of one of the most interesting wine regions of Bulgaria, the Valley of Struma river. The area where their vineyards are located is called Solinar. That’s where the name of the…

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Woolton Farm has a beautiful vineyard from which they make highly exclusive and absolutely stunning sparkling rosé wine.We wanted to take everything that was unique about this wine and turn it into an equally high quality, premium label. As a single vin…

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The art of winemaking is complex, beautiful, and full of passion. Inspired by these aspects of wine, Mafas’ packaging system, designed by Vinco Studio, is artfully crafted. By painting oversized brushstrokes, the wine’s labels are handcrafted, texturized, and, like the wine itself, dynamic. The result are wine labels that are mysteriously extravagant yet utterly friendly. […]

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7 Coline is a new line of blended wines by the renown Moldovan producer Vinaria din Vale. The new product is a token of appreciation to the company’s origins and its family traditions. For the story of this particular winemaker begins with an apiary in th…

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