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Explore the top Wii U games that guarantee endless hours of entertainment. Step into a world of adventure, excitement, and multiplayer fun with the ultimate gaming console.
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There are at least two more unannounced Wii U ports in the works for the Nintendo Switch, according to reliable insider Emily Rogers. While the games were unnamed, it may be relatively easy to narrow down the possible titles, especially as most options have already been re-released on the hybrid console.

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Nintendo Wii U Games - Pick and Choose. All prices were taken from Price Charting. Nintendo Wii U Games - Pick and Choose All games have been tested and work. Even, what I consider to be the most damaged games, have worked from my playtests. Some discs have not been wiped only because I've had complaints in the past with buyers saying they see more scratches on it than shown, so I am going to leave that to the buyer to do. Some discs may have a smudge that can be wiped still, but otherwise I…

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