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Kecia Deveney lives at the Jersey Shore but is originally from California. Her art is all about expressionism. Every piece is born from emotion. Her signature style is relatable yet beautiful and offers comfort to others. Her art is deeply layered—complex but with a whimsical touch. She’s wildly creative with a true imagination that pulls from a deep place, creating characters you want to believe exist. Everything she creates holds purpose, with an intriguing narrative that the viewer wants…

kim gustafson
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What is a hobby? Webster says: "An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure." I did a quick Google search and came up with ideas for categories for hobbies, some are considered outside and others inside activities - but, is not limited to either. 1. Arts & Crafts, Creative Arts 2. Cooking, Baking, Preserving & Canning 3. Collecting, Antiques 4. Games, Puzzles, "Toys" 5. Writing 6. Reading 7. Music 8. Exercise, Fitness, Dance 9. Meditation, Yoga 10. Gardening 11. Enrichment…

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